Painting like a maniac

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Since moving into the new studio at Glasshouses Mill I have been painting like a maniac in preparation for Host 2011.

I have decided that I want to exhibit only new work and given that each new piece in the new series will take a minimum of 40 hours, I have got some long days ahead of me. Fortunately I am having a ball!!

Since embracing my love of detail, embedded meanings and symbolism, the previously crippling frustrations I was experiencing with my work have left me.

"Transformation" is nearing completion. Work in progress pictures below:

Transformation - Work in progress 1

Transformation - Work in progress 2

Transformation - Work in progress 3

Only the fine detailing of over 50 butterflies and the spiraling plain & substitution cipher text left to paint in. Hah..........only!

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  1. Martin Eglese

    I could feel myself falling through, spiraling down into the beauty of colour surrounded with the feeling of the soft gentelness of the butterflies. Lovely work Mx

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