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Signed up to the Sketchbook Project 2012 in the middle of January and my lovely little blank sketchbook arrived a week or so later.

So now my head is full to bursting with the ideas about how I am going to fill those snowy white pages inspired by the title I picked of 'Distance & Time'. It's only fair to warn you in advance ........ it's going to be pretty bonkers with plenty of psychedelic inspiration, symbolismm and references to Alice in Wonderland (not sugary.....kinda of dark I am thinking at this stage - I am bit obssessed with tunnels in a 'falling down the rabbit hole' type way). Tame is just not how I roll anymore people ;) ......

Anyways the deadline for submission of this little window into my mind is end of April. So, as it has to make it's way all the way back to Brooklyn in New York, I am going to get it finished ASAP. Pictures of the contents will be posted to the gallery page as soon as its completed, along with details of where you can view it in person in New York along with it's other sketchbook buddies. In the meantime here's a before pic:


As you can see I have been contemplating it's blankness while enjoying a lovely cup of tea........I am VERY rock and roll you know ;)

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